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Expert Picture Framing

All framing done on site


Our expert framing consultant makes choosing the right moulding, mat color and glass options effortless and enjoyable to get your framing completed beautifully.


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Appointments for framing are recommended.

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Make your house feel more like home with...


Expertly Framed
Family Photos


The Perkowitz Art Studio can take your cherished traditional family photos and frame them in the period-correct style to make them look like they were handed down to you directly from your grandparents.


We use 99% UV PROTECTED GLASS and ACID-FREE FRAMING MATERIALS so they will be preserved for you to pass down to the next generation.

We also offer expert photo retouching and restoration services to magically heal your old torn and cracked photos.


Then, let us frame those ones too, so you can proudly display your family history.

Isn't it time you got some of those wonderful photos off your phone so other people can enjoy them?


We can take your modern digital photos and turn them into cherished family keep-sakes.

Why stop at just the photos?


With custom shadow boxes and framing, we can also take your other special family keepsakes and turn them into wonderful displays.


Fine Art Framing


Many local artists only

trust the Perkowitz Art Studio

to frame their one-of-a-kind

original artwork

... and so should YOU!

Our expert framing consultant will help you choose just the right style to compliment your fine art.

With our custom framing, you are not just stuck with stock frame sizes. We will build a frame unique to your piece.


Diploma Framing


Your favorite student just went to all that work, graduated and NOW THEY ARE GOING TO LET THEIR DIPLOMA SIT HIDDEN AWAY IN A DRAWER?



so they will be preserved for you to pass down to the next generation.

Looking for Something Special?

Let our professional framer create an amazing display.

(if you like this idea of including the tassel, but didn't save yours, no worries, We can get any year or color.)

No matter what your diploma's shape, size or style, we can make a custom frame to fit its personality and yours!

Beyond just diplomas, we can frame any CERTIFICATE or special AWARD beautifully!

Turn Your Posters into

Fine Framed Art


Whether it's a valuable vintage original or an inexpensive reproduction, we can mat and frame your favorite poster so it looks like a million bucks.

Even if it is something only valuable to you, we have options for every budget.

We can turn the posters that you have had stored away for years into a display worthy of an art gallery.

Let us take your sports posters and combine them with custom matting and other items like game tickets to make a display worthy of any room in the house.

It doesn't have to be a huge poster. We can take your smaller, numbered prints and display them magnificently also.

Our expert framer has experience and training in preserving, protecting and displaying 100-year-old original lithographs. Vintage Posters and La Belle Epoque Posters are her specialty.

We use 99% UV PROTECTIVE GLASS OR ACRYLIC and ACID FREE MATERIALS to preserve your posters for years to come.

Custom displays for your Sports Memorabilia


It's time to get your

favorite sports memorabilia

out the closet and have it

professionally framed

by The Perkowitz Art Studio!

We use 99% UV PROTECTIVE GLASS and ACID FREE FRAMING MATERIALS, so even fragile items like newsprint will be protected and preserved.


whatever you want to frame, we can handle beautifully.

We all have odd-shaped treasures we would love to display.


That's no problem at The Perkowitz Art Studio. Our PROFESSIONAL FRAMER can offer stunning and tasteful design options.


Beautiful Framed Mirrors in Custom Sizes

Custom Gallery-Style Mirrors


Who better to come to for a custom framed mirror than a professional framing shop? You can change your bathroom from ordinary to extraordinary.


Choose from hundreds of frames styles such as modern, antiqued or classic. Then we will hand-craft your custom mirror in any size up to 109" in width and height.

It doesn't have to be huge.


Even a small custom mirror can be just the right accent to make your room pop!


Sports Jerseys

Custom Displayed!


At The Perkowitz Art Studio, we specialize in sports jersey preservation, display and framing.


Far more than just putting your jersey in a stock display box, we can create a truly custom display incorporating photos, tickets, patches or anything else that tells your personal story.

With CUSTOM MATTING and computer cut EMBOSSED LETTERING your cherished jersey can be displayed proudly.

Each display is done with 99% UV PROTECTIVE GLASS and ACID-FREE FRAMING MATERIALS to protect and preserve your jersey as much as displaying it.

We can even include PERSONAL PHOTOS to truly personalize your display.

Do you have a lot of jerseys?

We have options for showing multiple jerseys in a single display.


A Picture Framing

Love Story!


Not too long ago, we had a young man who was about to be married stop in at our picture framing studio with an idea ...


Derek had a special text that he sent to Lyn after their very first date, but the text only existed on his phone. He wanted us to bring it to life so he could give it to his soon-to-be wife as a wedding present.


Made to last for generations...


We designed a custom mat to keep the feeling of a text, then framed the whole thing with 99% UV PROTECTED GLASS and ACID-FREE FRAMING MATERIALS.


 Bring in your original art, canvases, posters, old photos, post cards, wedding photos,

kid's art work, that poster you bought 20 years ago... We'll frame them beautifully!

Custom shaped mats cut with computer precision

LOCAL ARTIST trust us to give their art a professional finishing touch.

Giving your DIPLOMA the professional look is our specialty


Our experts have just the right frame to match the time-period of your piece.

Have your WEDDING SIGNAGE framed for the next level of  elegance

Have your FAMILY TREASURES framed so you can display them with pride.

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