Phil Schorn


I attended Eastern Illinois University 1980 with an Art Scholarship, graduated with a BA 1984, double majoring in Graphic Design and Studio Art. I have worked as a graphic artist for over 32 years.


In 1993, I started, and still own, a successful graphic design company, PS Graphics Inc. The fine art part of my education was put on the back burner as my wife Cathy and I raised our three children. For the last 16 years I have had the privilege of judging Lake County 4H art at the County Fair. Seeing what the kids were able to create and present at the show was very inspiring for me. With support and encouragement from my wife and children, and my life-long passion for art, I decided to jump back in.


Starting up again in 2014, after creating several graphite and ink renderings, I brought out my color pencils. Using the pencils felt natural, as if I had been working with them forever. I knew the look that I wanted to see in my drawings and I realized that, by using color pencils, I was able to achieve it.


My botanical renderings are not drawings of plant

specimens as seen in scientific books, rather, they are renderings of plants as seen through the eye of an artist. I can look at the ground I can see the shapes, light and shadows. I normally do not draw the entire location.


I focus on a small portion of the scene and what makes that interesting. Whether that be the individual leaf, flower, or snapshot of the ground, I bring the details to life.


My art has been shown on WGN TV, FOX News Chicago, Ann Kullburg's COLOR Magazine, Daily Herald, Chicago Tribune, Voyage Chicago, and Color Pencil Magazine.

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