Watercolor Painting

Suggested Supply List


Although I have listed some of the supplies I will be using during this class
please do not feel you must purchase any or all of them. If you have been
painting for a while you may have your own favorites. If you are new to
watercolor you will need the basic supplies.



1” flat synthetic aquarelle

#6 sable round

#2 sable round

A rigger or another fine pointed brush


Tube Water color Paints

Most of my paints are Windsor Newton Professional grade paints. Beginners may want to purchase student grade paint.


Colors frequently used

•Windsor Red       •Vermilion Hue       •Cadmium Orange

•Cadmium Yellow Pale      •Quinacridone Gold    •Burnt Sienna

•Cobalt Violet         •Quinacridone Magenta  •French Ultramarine Blue

•Cobalt Blue   •Cerulean Blue     •Olive Green

•Windsor Green (Blue Shade)      • Windsor Violet



Several sheets of 140 lb Arches paper

or Arches Block


Other Supplies

• A large white rectangular palette with

       at least 12 divisions is recommended

•Masking fluid (Pebeo brand recommended)

•Sketch book


• Board to attach paper to

• White artists tape

•Kneaded eraser

•a small container of liquid soap

•Box of Kleenex

•Simple water container

•Water spray bottle


Reference Material

Please bring any sketches or photos of material you are interested in painting. I will be demonstrating each week on a variety of subjects and we will be doing some painting together so look forward to lots of fun, ideas, and tips. If you have any questions I’ll try to answer them as we go along with our classes.

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