Mary Haas

Oil & Acrylic Painter


Mary Haas is an award winning local artist who specializes in oil and acrylic paintings. She received a BFA in studio art from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and has worked as a professional freelance artist for the last 10 years.


Her artist's statement says:

Everything, from the smallest pebble on the beach to the magnificent sunset above it is transfigured when seen through the eyes of love. As an artist it is always my aim to see this. To see reality as it really is, full of life and spirit. And then to paint that-the world as its best self. Often, all this is a frustrating attempt to explain the inexplicable. But I will continue to try. I have found that for me, nothing else is worth painting.


Ms. Haas also received the award for her winning proposal in "From Prairie to Village," a public art competition open to Lake County artists. As part of the competition, artists proposed artwork that would bring vibrancy to the Grayslake Village Center, speak to the location, and address the theme.


Works by Ms. Haas are currently on display in the gallery at The Perkowitz Art Studio, 116 S. IL Route 83, Grayslake, IL.


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